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FAQ Page

   We want you to have a great experience on our site, as well as, fishing with our world class soft plastic baits. We have put together this page, so you can find answers to questions that have been brought up to us by past customers. We will constantly update this page with new information as more people relate to us their experiences. Please send us any questions or ideas to info@nextgenbaits.com, or through our Contact Us page.

   Thank you for your loyal support, and we hope you will have the best fishing  adventures with our quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the difference between the Original Wounded Rattle Shad and the Wounded Rattle Shad SX?

¬†The Original Wounded Rattle Shad lure is internally rigged with a flexible, battle tested hardware assembly that is weighted and incorporates a patent pending rattle and a VMC¬ģ treble hook. ¬†

The Wounded Rattle Shad SX model still contains a patent pending rattle to help the fish hear, find, and ambush the bait. ¬†Most importantly, this version of the bait adds the ability of the lure to be fished "weedless". ¬†It uses the included VMC¬ģ XL Single wide gap hook that should be "Texas Rigged". ¬†

  • Can¬†your Soft Plastic Baits be fished in Freshwater and Saltwater?

Absolutely! Our lures are made for Freshwater and Saltwater Game fish.  Some species can be found in both waters and in brackish water. 

  • Do you take custom orders of certain species that are not on your pattern list?

We will design custom orders of species not listed on our website if the customer wants to order a large quantity of lures.  Our species list will be constantly updated as the market for certain species changes. If we receive many requests for a certain species we will consider adding it to our offering of patterns, otherwise, we will only produce a new species for large orders as stated above.

  • Why do you have a rattle in your lure and why is it unique?

The rattles in our lures were developed by Greg Myerson and his World Record Striper Company.  Greg has caught four world record stripers using his rattle technology.  They are tuned to a specific frequency that mimics crustaceans and wounded bait fish.  They sound travels down the fish’s lateral line and instinctively triggers the fish to go investigate that sound.  Since sound travels five times farther underwater, our lures will attract fish from a far greater distance than other rattles not tuned to this frequency range.

  • What is the best way to fish the Wounded Rattle Shad lures?
ÔĽŅOur lures are best retrieved with a version of "walking the dog" with a series of jerks and taps to make the lure dart back and forth, and up and down, which gives it amazing action and allows the internal rattle to work its magic. ¬†We also recommend a stiffer rod and line such as braid which doesn't stretch and enhances the action of the lure.