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Customer Photos Page

We love our customer photos. Anytime you catch a great fish with our lures, send us the images and we will publish them on this page. Big or small, young or old,  we just want to see you having fun and catching fish with our products.



Huge 8lbs Bass Caught on Nextgen Baits Soft Plastic LureNextgen Baits soft plastic bass patternLargemouth Bass caught in Kayak!


Huge Lake Trout Caught on Our Burbot Wounde Rattle ShadAnother Lake Trout Caught on Nextgen Soft plastic LureHuge Lake Trout caught on our lifelike soft plastic lure

Check Out These Customers Catching Huge Lake Trout With Our Lifelike Wounded Rattle Shad!

Mike Maclosky big Bass caught on Nextgen Baits Rainbow Trout LureMike with another large Bass Caught on our Rainbow troet wounded Rattle ShadAnother Large Bass caught by our Friend Mike Maclosky on Nextgen Baits soft plastic lure

Our Friend Mike Maclosky Caught These Nice Bass On Nextgen Bait's Killer Rainbow Trout Wounded Rattle Shad!

Nextgen Bait's Customer Showing off His Pickerel Caught on Nextgen Baits Wounded Rattle Shad


Beautiful Striper!  Caught by Andrew Starnes this September on our NextgenBaits Wounded Rattle Shad™!!

Beautiful Striper caught this September on our Wounded Rattle Shad™ Gizzard Shad pattern!!