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Best ways to Fish Nextgen Baits

Nextgen Bait's soft plastic lures are as versatile as the number of hi-def realistic patterns we can create for them.

   We have discovered numerous retrieval methods that produce intense action that game fish can't resist. Combine this with our patent pending rattle and our incredible attention to detail to each species, and you have a fish slaying lure system like no other on the market today!

    One of the best retrieval methods, we have found is a variation of “walking the dog”. 

   Cast the lure out and allow it to sink to the appropriate depth and begin retrieving it with a series of jerks and twitches.  This action will allow the rattle to perform its function by creating sound vibrations as it mimics a wounded bait fish through its erratic swimming action.  The lure should dart up and down, back and forth, just like a struggling fish.  We call this the “Wounded Walk”.  The fish’s instincts kick in and they cannot resist ferociously striking the Wounded Rattle Shad when this method is utilized correctly.  Feel free to reach out with any questions at info@nextgenbaits.com.  Enjoy!